Faced with the high failure rate of start-ups, estimated by INSEE at 80 to 90%, strongly associated with a lack of capital and a deficit of resources and management skills in the start-up phase, MENAPS group, in a process of empowerment and a dynamic of mobilization, is strongly committed to help entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, whose selected projects are carriers of useful innovation, with a digital or technological component.

Imag!ine puts at their disposal a unique pool of competences, which capitalizes on experiences and expertises of the group, for a holistic accompaniment, strategic and operational, covering the different components of their project and also supporting their search for investors and funds.

This approach is motivated by the desire to transmit and share the lessons learned from a group born in start-up mode, as well as the desire to promote innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit, values to which the group is very attached.

Several innovative projects are currently being developed with the support of Imag!ne, the MENAPS Group’s start-up studio.


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