MENAPS BrandCap is the MENAPS group's brand, marketing and communication consulting division.

The context of digital transformation, which is now essentiel, implies deep changes for companies, in their competitive field and business model, in their internal organization and external relations, in their means of expression as distribution channels.

These are determining and interdependent challenges, which the brand, marketing and communication play a more important role than ever.

The brand, a guideline in customer relationship, by the creation of uniqueness and notoriety, credibility and attractiveness, but also loyalty over time, is a key vector of consumer commitment.

Marketing, through the new potential of the Digital channel and Data processing, opens up new horizons in terms of target segmentation and offer personalization, for a metamorphosed customer relationship.

Communication has to deal with the diversification of contact points, the multiplication of speaking points, the personalization of speeches, the short lifespan of contents, the need to combine the real and the virtual and to be part of a conversational mode subject to the laws of influence and the vagaries of virality.

New factors of complexity which are as many fields of opportunity for the construction of a brand image in an “impressionistic” way, from small touch to small touch, requiring to take care of the good adequacy of the contents and the channels and the good orchestration of the activations, in time and space.

These challenges to be met in the service of the performance of the companies, are as many fields of missions for MENAPS BrandCap, namely:

To consolidate the foundations, as well as nourish the influence of the brands, through strategic advice, creative design and operational support for deployment, in both online and offline channels.

To be part of the upstream transformation or digital acceleration process and to extend the downstream action until desirability is converted into a purchase, in a resolutely omnichannel configuration.

To offer a full spectrum support according to an integrated approach, while ensuring its modularity, based on hybrid expertise of high added value and a packaged offer, simplified and optimized, to facilitate accessibility to the largest number of companies.

MENAPS BrandCap’s ambition is to accompany you from the strengthening of your brand to the amplification of your business, for you, with you. So, on your marks!
So, on your marks!


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